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financial planning & advice ~
the female point of view

Unlock Your Freedom

We help women create an intentional plan for their money.

At Women’s Worth Advisors, connecting the dots between your finances, goals, needs and values is our mission.

You are worth it.

Women encounter distinct financial challenges and life experiences, and they do extraordinary works that often go overlooked, even by themselves. This is why embracing a woman’s worth is at the core of what we do. Through our eye-opening Key Approach, we work with women to illuminate and honor their value, demystify personal finances, and plan for a life of fulfillment.

Here’s what you should know about our approach:

Serving women holistically is our focus.

We help you overcome your financial challenges by being an educational resource and providing wealth planning that encompasses every aspect of your life.

We’re committed to your story. 

We take the time to truly get to know you and your dreams. Together, we’ll design your next chapter by understanding the financial decisions that best align with your vision.

Your wellbeing is top of mind.

As fiduciaries, we protect your best interest. And as a fee-only firm, we’re only paid by you and don’t earn compensation for recommending certain solutions over others.

All walks. All chapters. All women.

Whether you’re just building your life, in a moment of rebuilding, preparing for retirement, or anything in between, you’re welcome here. We believe that women of every age, ethnicity, income level and life stage deserve access to clear-cut, affordable financial planning and education to fulfill their goals.

An experience designed for women—because women are different

In a male-dominated industry, we’re hard pressed to find the female point of view. As a female-led firm, we always incorporate the nuances of being a woman by...

Planning for your unique needs

Women in the U.S. live an average of 5 years longer than men, meaning a longer investment horizon and lower risk tolerance.1 We account for your longer life expectancy, the resulting health and long-term care costs—and plan accordingly.

Understanding your many roles

Mothers were 40% more likely than fathers to report that their careers were negatively affected by child care issues. We always consider the full picture and all of your responsibilities.2

Counteracting the limitations of society

Women typically earn less than men overall. You need smart financial planning and wise investing decisions to make up the difference and manage your future financial needs.

Being a true partner to you

As fellow women, we too value relationships and connection. Working side by side with you, we’ll talk about what you want out of life, forge a plan forward, and continue building a relationship through your entire journey.

Gigi Maxfield

Hi, I’m Gigi.

My passion is helping women create a strong financial foundation that can withstand the shifting waters life inevitably brings.

Finances play a critical role in our lives, and nearly every life change comes with a financial implication. This is the case for everyone, no matter how much money you may have or what your circumstances are. For this reason, my doors are open to women of all income levels and backgrounds. I strongly believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive through strategic money management and education. 

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